New Intermediate 2014 Time Table, Inter Exam Dates

Andhra Pradesh Intermediate Time Table 2014, (1st year) Junior Inter Time table,  (2nd year) Senior inter time table

AP Senior Inter, Junior Inter Time table 2014 was previously announced by BIE. But recently BIEAP officially announced that they are going to change intermediate 2014 exam time table and they preponned it now. It is already officially announced but not published on BIEAP website http:/// So we provide inter 2014 exam time table below. Students are requested to do check this new time table and prepare for 2014 exams well cause there are less time for inter 2014 exams.

inter intermediate time table

inter intermediate time table

Intermediate Practical Exam Dates 2014

  • intermediate 2014 Practical exams are already completed.
intermediate time table 2014

intermediate time table 2014

AP Inter 1st Year, Second Year Intermediate exam Dates 2014

BIE not yet published this new time table in their website. So we are notable to provide the official time table pdf file. So we provide the inter exams time table below.


Subjects (All Departments) 1st year Junior Inter 2nd year Senior Inter
1st Language 12th March 2014 13th March 2014
2nd Language 14th March 2014 15th March 2014
Maths A / Botany / Civics / Psychology 18th March 2014 19th March 2014
Maths B / Zoology / History 20th March 2014 21th March 2014
Physics / Economics / Classical Lang 22st March 2014 24th March 2014
Chemistry / Commerce / Sociology / Fine Arts, Music 25th March 2014 26th March 2014
Geology/HomeScience/Public Admin..on/LogicPaper 27th March 2014 28th March 2014
Bridge Course Maths (for BiPC Students only) 27th March 2014
Modern Language / Geography 29th March 2014 01st April 2014

NOTE: Bridge Course Maths exam is only for Bi.PC Students. Remaining department students don’t need to attend this exam.

We will provide option to download intermediate time table ones the pdf file is published in BIEAP website. Subscribe to gett all latest updates/information about Junior Inter 1st year Time table, Senior inter 2nd year time table. If you have any doubts you can comment your question on new latest 2014 intermediate time table.

New Intermediate 2014 Time Table, Inter Exam Dates by

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  1. mohammed Sameer says

    Exams should not be preponed students will get less time to revise. They will panic and will get less marks

  2. sai says

    why the f*ck are you showing English is the first exam, once refer inter board online site. 2nd languages are held at first. And 17 is holi you are showing exam Maths A / Botany / Civics / Psychology on that day. Useless idiots don’t provide false informations

  3. tahura says

    is dis true dat Intermediate exams are going 2 start frm 3rd of march or just a rumours pzz someone confirmed it and replyyy mee i am very much worried bcoz of dis types of rumours…….Plzz Sir confirmed it n reply me

  4. syed wajhiuddin says

    What is this government should confrom one date and declear it.Because of this we r not able to concentrate on our studys.I request gov to plz declear same time table

  5. saritha says

    thankyou for informing this time table but please don’t prepond this exams because we have a less time to study and some students are saying intermediate time table has prepended so if u prepond also please inform us

  6. Chnadrakanth Rachakonda says

    Hey guys ! Please conform the dates of inter 1st year. Really it has become a big confusion for all . Exams are starting from 1st or 3rd of march. Conform these dates as soon as possible !

  7. shanker says

    this time table is fake 17th is holi and in the above time table 17 we have some xam so manabadi stop spreading rumors and even my prev comment was not published stop doing such things

  8. rathna sir says

    Dear Students,
    I am a lecturer @ a corporate clg.This is not true and I confirmed with the bieap Pls dont worry and dont spread rumours abt the exams . The exams commence from 12th march and it is 100% correct.Manabadi pls dont post stupid,fake and useless information which petrifies students. And why are you getting worried if they commence from 3rd You shuld be ready students, all stupid failures
    take care,
    Rathna Sir.

  9. anudeep says

    sir, the given time table is conformed or not.plz.. .we does’nt have much time for preparation,plz announce the time table sir

  10. bhimesh says

    there is a lot of confusion about these dates can I surely know that these days are confirmed if these are confirmed pls giv the correct information

  11. Vinayak says

    Is ds timetable is correct in collage they Arey saying it has not changed but u people are misleading us. Is ds information is correct and said by BIE if so y it has not realesed to press and other websites. And 2year practical exams are going on till 4of march and hw can u people say dt exams starts frm 3 of march and hw can u say dt their exam are over.Some plzzzz provide us d correct information by 2maro mourning by 8:30 some we can prepare and inform even collage authorities.

  12. nehabonala says

    there is a lot of confusion about these dates can I surely know that these days are confirmed if these are confirmed we can plan n study If not stress will be more pls giv the correct information

  13. ravi says

    sir dont play jokes
    my pratical exam is on 3 rd march and you says that pratical exams is already completed dont waste time by posting this type of news

  14. usha says

    Inter practicals are going till 4th March. How can they prepone the exams?
    Political drama is playing dirty game with the students.

  15. Sai Madhu says

    I Am Just Confused About The Timetable guys In some Sites It is announced as 12 march in in this u guys gave 3 march and i want to know the correct date and the revised(published) date of that timetable

  16. ananya says

    we still did not get any message or a final annoucement by our college nor we got any notice regarding the change in the timetable. so is it officially decided that exams start from march 3rd

  17. honey says

    oh my god !!!!!!plzzz dnt kill us !!informing tis jst bfr 12 days !!!!plzzz dnt do tis and dnt try to play wid our careers ..plzz post pone them !!!am feeling like hell!!!!!

  18. Hazel Shirley says

    Respected Intermediate Board of Andhra Pradesh,
    Students are at the most heartfelt unchangeable stress factor.No words to express their expression to reveal their pain than to wisely plan and study on the concepts given.Revision and practice will be extremely very less.

    Thank you for the best of your services,
    With respects,
    Hazel Shirley.

  19. prudhvi says

    Is this true ? If it is true the BIE didnot give any timetable regarding this. But u people have said that the practicals are already over but they arent.i know some students have practical exam on 3rd march and how can they put the exam on 4th .

  20. Jahnawi says

    Please make confirm of this time table and please advertise this clear information to make the students aware and alert.

  21. M PAUL PRASAD says

    I regret to comment. You are misleading young students and spoiling their bright future. Exams are as usual. Not preponed. If You have any questions contact bieap or Rio Hyderabad

  22. charan says

    is it true that the exams are going to start frommarch 3rd and if so why the bieap didn’t post anything about that. even in news they didn’t inform??

  23. Sahitya says

    They announced from March 13th inter 2nd exams n now. It is posted on March 4th what is the correct date of exams may I know????

  24. Sandeep says

    Is it true???
    There is no updates on bieap ri8 wht shld v… Belive… This time table or timetable given in bieap????????

  25. harshita says

    Its vry difficult to prepare our mind as some say xamz r frm 14 n dis website says it strts frm 3 so plz make it clear…!!

  26. md.fasseeuddin says

    hai sir am a 2nd year student i had cmpltd my physics pratical on 13th feburary,2014 nd 14th chemistry had postponed to march 5th so when exam will be conducted so reply me

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